Put Your Feet Up Gift Set

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A perfect gift combo! Put your feet up card, fruit and nut chocolate bar and bee bomb. Gift wrapping option available at the checkout. We can also handwrite the card for you and send it straight to the recipient.

Not just for Dads. This chocolate bar shows how brilliantly the flavours of our fruit and nut medley blend with the splendidly punchy Peruvian Dark chocolate. Only Coco use only the best ingredients and single origin chocolate. All handmade in East Sussex.

The bee bomb is a small bag of pellets, that will one day grow into beautiful wild flowers that bee's can feed from! Beebombs are a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, fine, sifted soil and locally sourced clay. Bring back native wildflowers and help the bees all at once. Hand made in Dorset, they are the perfect gift for the eco-conscious.