Recharge Gift Box

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A perfect recharge gift, all hand wrapped: St Eval Bay & Rosemary Tealights (or choose another scent and let us know your choice at the checkout) and sea salt chocolate bar (or again let us know your flavour of choice). Boxed in a reusable magnetic box with a handwritten message (please add to the cart on check out). 

  • A little every day luxury with St Eval’s best selling Bay & Rosemary Scented Tealights. Create a relaxing ambience of warm, flickering candlelight with their heavenly herbal scented tealights. Enriched with cool bay leaf and rustic rosemary notes, the calming, uplifting aroma promises to soothe your spirits and brighten the home.
  • Make the most divine luxurious hot chocolate at home.... using either cream or milk. Only Coco use only the best ingredients and single origin chocolate. All handmade in East Sussex.

  • Pamper your hands with this great hand soap with mangostone. The soap has a lovely, cooling effect on your skin and is both gentle and soft to your hands. Can be used several times during the day without drying out the skin. The soap is made using only mild ingredients that both nourish hand cleanse your skin.